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The land casinos were very frequented by several players from all over the world. Thousands of users, however, have long had difficulties in attending this environment, sometimes because it is in another country or because it is not so convenient to get around to the place to make their matches. With the advent of the internet and rapid transformations in the world, virtual casinos were taking shape.


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The internet has popularized casino games, and in addition, players have added to this practice the ease and comfort of being able to do it at home, at work, or anywhere else. Today is very easy to stay connected. There is wi-fi everywhere and to get access to the site just have a compatible device. That is why the opportunity to make real money increases.

The new practice is access to the game without downloading. For many years downloading games dominated the network. Then the player was forced to install the casino program. With the advent of new technologies it was possible to enable a system where it is possible to play directly in the browser just by entering the site.

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In the version without download it is possible to play all the options of casino games: dice, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and the fantastic slot machines. When we download the game we find more options of games, however the game without download does not leave something to be desired. The casino software companies each day try harder to guarantee their users a good amount of possible choices. Although less, the number of games is enough for the demand. Most gaming companies are now heavily involved in making their product portfolio more attractive to all non-downloadable segments. Just have Flash, Java and HTML5 to enjoy the best machines in your default browser. In addition, you can play live games.

Benefits of free bitcoin casino

Playing on Any Computer: With this new technology you can play on any PC, Linux or Mac computer. All devices are compatible with games in the download, which means that it fits on any platform. The session can be started on any device, with the same user account the player will enjoy the same games, his balance and any opportunities without any prejudice.

Security: Virtual bitcoin casinos use a strong security scheme to ensure that your user does not suffer any damage. The sites generally use the most modern encryption systems, keeping your password and personal data well away from hackers. What’s more, if you opt for the download system you do not need to download unknown casino programs while minimizing the risk of viruses.

The big problem is if you are playing on public computers like in a library, for example. It is imperative to be careful when entering the page, never save the user and password and always leave the account before ending the session.

No Updates: Updates do not have to be made, and your computer will have free memory to run more and more games. To play is just to click, no bureaucracy and no headache. In addition, external software may be required when installing the program. All of these fonts cause the device to run out of available memory.


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Privacy: When playing without having to download the software from the casino, the player guarantees his privacy. Many use collective computers and would not want others to know about this habit. For these people the game in the download came in handy, because it maintains the security without leaving vestiges so that nobody has access to this information.

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With all technology it is easy to find fun. Players will now be able to enjoy the opportunity to enter their own virtual casino without worrying about programs and updates that slow the computer down. The great creators of the software have hit hard by strengthening this technological advance, since thousands of people today have access to the games. This new way of playing will surprise you. If you are not ready to play money or you are new to the game world, try to play bitcoin game for free.